Testing paid social campaigns to increase awareness of healthcare training courses


  • +300% sessions to DREEAM website
  • +325% link clicks
  • +215% reach
  • +320% Facebook page engagement attributed to ads
  • Decreased Cost Per Click by 70%
  • +235% Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • +180% impressions

*Results compared to first campaign



DREEAM (Department of Research and Education in Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine and Major Trauma) delivers a range of high-quality training courses from their centre in Nottingham to clinicians working in the NHS and externally, to improve or refresh their clinical skills.

Increasing awareness of healthcare training courses
Link clicks +325%
Click Through Rate +235%

Objectives of campaign

  • Test Facebook Ads as a viable channel to promote the DREEAM courses
  • Raise awareness of a selection of courses deemed important by DREEAM
  • Increase course bookings
  • Establish defined target audience through testing
  • Increase visibility of the DREEAM brand

The brief


DREEAM wanted to promote a small selection of underperforming courses that they considered high priority to spread awareness of their services to their target audiences, increase traffic to their website, and increase conversions.

DREEAM had previously used paid social in a small capacity but wanted to test whether Facebook Advertising was a viable channel to promote their courses.

TDMP worked with DREEAM to understand their needs regarding the campaign and their resources, before creating a strategy that reflected their objectives, target audiences and budget.

Our strategy


TDMP set up a series of short 1–2-week Facebook Advertising campaigns between December 2021 and May 2022 to promote a selection of courses, taking insights from each campaign to optimise for the next.

Throughout the campaigns, different audiences, locations, ad placements, ad formats, creatives, and copy were tested, finding that a combination of ad formats across primarily newsfeed placements and mobile-only devices achieved the most link clicks and engagement for the money spent. Widening the location radius and expanding interests also led to a reduction in CPC and increased reach significantly.

We diversified the ad formats to include carousel ads, which resulted in a significant increase in website traffic, ad & Facebook profile engagement.

Identifying the most engaged audience groups, we applied those insights to ad copy and targeting which also contributed to an increase in engagement.

The outcome


The campaigns not only resulted in significant increases in website traffic, awareness, and engagement – but also provided DREEAM with insights that can be applied to future campaigns and website optimisation.

Through managing the campaigns, we acquired data to better understand user behaviour on key landing pages, and we were able to establish a set of performance metrics to effectively benchmark campaign activity against previous campaigns and to inform future campaigns.

Final word


The results of the campaigns found that Facebook was a viable channel to promote DREEAM’s courses, and the objectives of spreading awareness and increasing conversions were met successfully over the course of the campaigns.

Through testing, we were able to significantly increase the campaigns’ performance each time, harnessing insights to inform future campaigns and improve their efficiency by streamlining the targeting, lowering the cost per conversion, and identifying the best ways to reach the DREEAM audience.