Adapting to a post-pandemic landscape to increase conversions and visibility




  • +200% increase in organic search visibility
  • +10% increase in conversions from organic traffic
  • +200% increase in top 10 average positions 
  • +30% page views and +20% website users on key pages
  • +50% increase in quality referring domains
  • Increase in session quality with over 50% of all sessions now attributed to organic 


  • +16% conversions on Google, +14% on Microsoft Ads and over 260% on YouTube
  • +50% increase in key-revenue conversions
  • Decreased cost per action (CPA) by 18%
  • Decreased low-value cost per conversions by 10% on Google
  • Decreased key-revenue CPA by just under 30%

About Benenden Hospital


Benenden Hospital is a private hospital operating in Kent offering a wide range of procedures, diagnostics, and GP services to self-pay and private medically insured patients, Benenden Health members and NHS referrals.

Increasing conversions and visibility of a private hospital
Organic search visibility +200%
Key-revenue conversions +50%

The objectives

  • Improve website visibility in organic search results for target keywords
  • Increase organic conversions
  • Improve organic traffic quality
  • Increase paid high-revenue-generating conversions
  • Decrease cost per conversion of low-revenue-generating conversions

The brief


With the impacts of the pandemic being felt in all walks of life, Benenden Hospital needed to refocus their marketing efforts to identify and target new opportunities, as well as plan for operational changes expected in the sector.

As a result, they wanted to increase the quality of organic traffic to their website and their website’s authority score, whilst increasing high revenue generating goal completions and decreasing the CPC of low revenue generating conversions.

Our strategy


Taking a dual approach to Benenden’s objectives, TDMP provided a comprehensive SEO and PPC strategy that facilitated the increase of organic traffic and website authority, whilst promoting high-value services offered by the hospital through PPC channels.



As with every SEO strategy, the initial focus was on improving the technical health of the Benenden Hospital website to give a clearer picture of the site’s organic visibility and keyword relevance.

Once we had an idea of visibility, we reviewed the usability of key pages, established clear buyer personas to target search intent keywords – filling any gaps in organic visibility, and improved their backlink portfolio. This resulted in higher quality traffic to the website and a significant increase in organic search visibility.

In tandem with this work, we provided content support to review and optimise content for SEO purposes and provided insights into linking opportunities.



Alongside SEO activity, we implemented higher funnel PPC campaigns to promote high revenue services with the aim of capturing demand earlier in the buyer journey.

We replaced underperforming bid strategies with effective and relevant bid strategies for the account and streamlined the account’s structure in the process.

This proved highly effective, increasing key revenue conversions by 47%.

Final word


We continue to work with Benenden Hospital on their campaign and we are delighted with its ongoing progress.

The dual approach to their strategy has facilitated the increase of quality organic traffic as well as an increase in conversions and visibility.