Content Marketing Case Studies

The Health Insurance Specialists (THIS)

The Health Insurance Specialists (THIS) is one of the UK’s leading health insurance brokers. Their expert, highly trained team provides 100% independent quotes for some of the UK’s largest insurers – including Bupa, Vitality Health and AXA. 

THIS logo

The brief 

Following the launch of a new website, THIS wanted to expand their reach and increase acquisition, by improving their brand awareness and by using other channels – like social media. Our brief was to help THIS develop a brand identity to help them stand out in an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace and then make the brans come alive through campaign activity. 

This included developing a content marketing strategy to support on-going social media activity, including paid social advertising. 

The Health Insurance Specialists website on desktop screen

The strategy 

As THIS operates in a highly competitive market, the strategy was not to compete with large insurers, but instead to sell the benefits if using an independent specialist broker. 

Following the implementation of a new ‘blogs and guides’ section, there was now the opportunity to use content marketing to reach new audiences and potential consumers. 

As social media and content marketing sits higher in the ‘sales funnel’ (further back in a customer’s purchase journey) content, posts and advertising are likely to show to people who may not yet be ‘ready to purchase’. The job of the content (posts, advertising etc.) is to provide audiences with answers to questions that helps them move further down the sales funnel, so they’re ready to buy. 

THIS website on mobile and desktop screens

What we did 

Content marketing was focused on reaching target audiences by creating health related articles which promoted the benefits of both health insurance and using a broker to find the right deals. 

Using insights from the THIS team themselves and target audience information, blog content and in-depth guides were developed and published on the website. This content was SEO optimised to support organic visibility targets. The style was engaging so it could be shared via organic and paid social media posts. 

Different content types were developed for various channels – including ‘business’ focused channels to reach companies and business owners looking for employee health insurance.  


  • Blog posts and guides have achieved over 1,900 website sessions since launch 

  • Blog posts had an average session duration of 2 minutes, exceeding our engagement target 

  • Guides achieved over 1,800 page views and an average time on page of over 1 minute 30 seconds

  • New policy targets exceeded

"Adam and the team at TDMP has lead numerous projects which have helped us grow our customer base, enhance organic visibility and improve our overall customer journey. The team continue to be our digital marketing gurus and every strategy developed has paid off – their constant hard work, expert insights and achieved results has proven to us the importance of digital.”

Grace Dowling, Marketing Manager - The Health Insurance Specialists