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Social media marketing has evolved significantly in the past few years, with a shift from organic strategies to the development of highly targeted paid social campaigns. A client who specialised in children’s experience days required support in promoting specific offers in the

run-up to the peak Christmas period to the target market who had a relatively low awareness of the product. Facebook Advertising presented the most significant opportunity as highly specific audiences can be reached. 

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The brief 

This client had a relatively large organic social media following who were already aware of these products, as offers were being shared via organic posts. However, to grow the business, they needed to increase awareness of specific offers and vouchers in the run-up to the Christmas season amongst new prospects.

Our recommendation was to use paid social advertising, specifically Facebook Advertising, to build awareness of the product and offers within a relevant, new audience.

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The strategy 

To ensure the campaign advertising was efficient, we matched target audiences to key demographic features of the client’s existing customer base. Various creative treatments were developed to promote the brand and offer benefits, so this new audience would be engaged to interact with the brand and purchase products. 

This client had no real experience of using Facebook Advertising, so testing and learning was an essential part of the campaign. ROI based KPIs were developed (based on learnings from other channels) to ensure there were both realistic targets and success measures in place to support further roll-out of the campaign. Technical changes were implemented to ensure purchases and user journeys could be captured. 


  • In less than a month, over 200 sales conversions were achieved for a cost per conversion in line with other channels 

  • Campaigns achieved a low average CPC, of under £0.30

  • Just under 6,000 link clicks were achieved, increasing website traffic and improving brand awareness

  • Traffic from campaigns achieved a website goal conversion rate of over 35%

"We are always confident in recommending TDMP for our client’s digital marketing. Whether it be for example; strategy development, protecting hard-earned SEO rank in a site migration, addressing negative content online or developing a paid social campaign, they always apply the same rigour to delivering really effective programmes and campaigns."  

Stephen Knight, Managing Director - Pimento

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Specialist Holiday Provider
Advert impressions
Increase in advert post shares, YoY
17% increase in direct traffic
Increase brand awareness
SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing
On-going campaign management
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UK Outdoor Activity Centres
Advert impressions in under a month
Link click to purchase conversion rate
Increase in bookings during low period
Increase bookings and visibility locally
PPC, social media
One off project